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Sunny but wet few days forecast for Cyprus

It will still be warm and sunny enough in most places around Cyprus to enjoy a day at the beach over the coming days, but if you are going camping in the mountains, you may want to make sure your tent really is waterproof first.

Isolated showers and even thunderstorms that may include hail are anticipated around Cyprus from Friday, with the outlook for the weekend also a wet one.

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Speaking to The Cyprus Weekly, Meteorological Department official Iasonas Christodoulou said: “We will be having rain and storms and the chance of hail certainly cannot be ruled out”.

He said the wet weather would be occurring in specific areas around the island, rather than blanketing all of Cyprus: “So we are talking about mainly the mountains, the area between Larnaca and Nicosia and the Nicosia district if not the city itself as such”.

Christodoulou noted that it was not at all unusual for summer showers and storms to occur in Cyprus during August.

After Friday’s thunderstorms, the wet weather will be milder on Saturday and Sunday and confined mainly to the mountains, while Monday is anticipated to remain dry.

Friday’s maximum inland temperatures will rise to around 35°C, dropping very slightly to perhaps 34°C on the weekend, before beginning to climb again from Monday, Christodoulou said.

On Friday the coasts can anticipate temperatures rising to 34°C in the north, south and east coasts, 32°C on the west coast, and 28°C in the mountains.

“So we will still be slightly below the seasonal average until Monday which is 37.5°C inland, 34 °C on the north coast, 33 °C on the south and east coasts, 31 °C on the west coasts and 29 °C in the mountains,” Christodoulou noted.

He also said that no especially high levels of dust were anticipated over the coming days, joking: “Although our forecast of the region indicates the dust will make its presence felt in Italy”.

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