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Stolen Spanish cars traced to Cyprus

Cyprus police and customs officials are cooperating with the Spanish authorities after 18 stolen cars were tracked to Limassol Port.

As reported by state television CyBC on Thursday, only four of the cars were still at the port by the time the local authorities had been alerted by their Spanish counterparts. These have been confiscated pending the outcome of the investigations.

Another two have been traced to Portugal while the remainder have already been sent on to an unspecified country in Asia.

Limassol Police Spokesman Yiannis Soteriades told the CyBC that investigations were still at a very early stage.

It is understood the cars, stolen between November 18 last year and this March, are left-hand drive vehicles indicating they were not destined for Cyprus.

The documentation accompanying the vehicles is reportedly counterfeit while other identifying data corresponding to the vehicles was copied from cars of the same make and model which are still in their owners’ possession in Spain.

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