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State proposing tougher traffic offence penalties

The Justice and Transport Ministries will shortly be proposing significantly more severe penalties for road safety offences, including a 500% rise in some fines.

According to media reports on Saturday, the proposals include drivers caught speeding while under the influence of alcohol or drugs could face up to four years behind bars and a fine of up to €15,000.

Driving without a safety belt–or crash helmet if you’re on a motorcycle–could see you fined €300 instead of the current €85, as will being caught talking on your mobile phone while driving.

Going through a red light, meanwhile, could cost you €200 instead of the current €85 σε €200.

Fatal road accidents in Cyprus have been slashed by 23% over seven-year period between 2010-2016 but the country still has a long way to go to size up to countries with larger populations and fewer road fatalities.

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  1. Going through a red light!! What about the one in Chloraka Paphos? it has been out since Last JULY
    nobody seems to want to know or care, are they unable to afford a new bulb

  2. Ha! Ha!, couldn’t enforce bugger all! as sure the constitution forbids it! Just sit outside a school at kicking out time and see the number of fines enforceable by the state/Police if they wanted to.

    A killing in making revenue wise, one officer at every school at start time and end time. Magic.

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