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State official implicated in recycling swindle

A senior Town Planning Department official – currently on trial for his alleged involvement in the landfill scandal – has been implicated in another alleged swindle, this time concerning the waste management operations for state buildings.

The suspected shady deals are said to be related to the pertaining of the general upkeep and renovation of government housing estates and the subsequent way in which the waste material was paid to be disposed of.

The official in question, who has since been suspended from his duties and is one of the defendants in the landfill scandal trial, was instrumental in the 2015 appointment of the contractor involved in the renovation works for the government housing estates.

An investigation by the Audit Services were initiated following accusations that were made by the Cyprus Recycling Organisation to Auditor General Odysseas Michaelides, in which it was alleged that the various waste products from excavations and renovations that had been done at the various government housing estates and had not been sent to the appropriate recycling areas.

The matter has since been passed over to police investigators following consultations between Michaelides and Attorney General Costas Clerides.

The investigation showed the way bills and invoices for the loading and transportation of waste material were made – many of which were made on handwritten notes which the Audit Services believe to be evasive and, in many cases, fake.

The investigation also showed that the person responsible for transporting the waste materials was not the person who had been appointed to do the job.

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