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State of the art bus stops for Paphos

Paphos could soon be boasting state-of-the-art bus stops, some complete with Wi-fi.

The new facilities will be replacing the 173 stops currently scattered throughout the area under the jurisdiction of Paphos Municipality.

Paphos Municipal Councillor Panayiotis Vorkas said the existing stops had been divided into three categories depending on how many regularly facilitate an average eight waiting passengers at a time, how many facilitate around four, and how many do not have seating at all.

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“We have compiled the terms of a competition for tenders by Paphos Municipality,” Vorkas said, adding the chosen company would be responsible to setting up the new stops and maintaining them for 10 years before handing back to the municipality.

As well as providing passengers with Wi-fi access, the new stops are also expected to feature electronic screens for advertisements and bus route timetables.

Vorkas also revealed that the Transport Ministry was planning similar changes in other areas of Cyprus but that municipalities that were already ahead of the effort had been encouraged to move ahead.

He also suggested it would be a good idea if the municipalities of Geroskipou and Pegeia also moved ahead with similar plans so that a higher grade of service was provided throughout the Paphos district.

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