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Smoking laws passed by parliament

With 22 votes for, 21 against and with one abstention the House carried the smoking bill which for months had been a subject of debate amongst lawmakers.

An amendment tabled by ruling Disy, describing external areas as covered areas with at least one permanent side. If the external area is joined onto an indoor area a permanent partition between the two areas is not required provided that the external area has one permanently open side.

An amendment tabled by Akel to prohibit smoking in casinos was rejected.

A similar proposal, tabled by Edek, Solidarity and Citizens Alliance, to permit smoking in designated areas in airport and port departure lounges which and which will be off limits to minors was also rejected.

The same parties tabled a proposal to allow owners of pubs and clubs to permit smoking on their premises as well as restaurateurs under specific guidelines which was also rejected.

The Green’s proposal to prohibit smoking in public toilets was passed but the proposal to increase fines for providing minors with tobacco products was rejected.

An amendment for prohibiting smoking in athletic centres and stadiums was rejected as was ELAM’s proposed amendment to scrap the provision of responsibility for a person in charge of a non-smoking are and the reduction of fines.

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  1. Either you raise a country with healthy people and healthy children who do not become a burden to the State, or you give in to all those selfish people who do not care about others.
    An incentive would be that non-smokers get better discounts on medical and medicine, whereas smokers would have to pay a tax ? And smokers would always be required to use a glass room with self closing doors, be it in restaurants, airports, shopping malls etc. so that they can breath their own smoke ?

  2. South Africa passed the No Smoking law 16 years ago and we now have less people smoking and more concentrating on being healthy ???

  3. I am assuming you are not including the people who live in those shanty towns or “townships”. Nor the refugees from Malawi and Zimbabwe.

    Of course there are other risks to one’s health in SA, like driving a desirable car, or flashing an expensive watch, or camera.

    But that’s okay for those in gated communities. The rest just live behind grills and have several locks on each door and window.

    These changes were not a local initiative, they were demanded by the EU. Here they pass the laws and enforce them, unlike another Greek speaking nation not far away.

    And the Netherlands as well as Belgium allow smoking in separate smoking rooms. Did that from the outset.

    You may criticise Cyprus, that’s your decision, however when it comes to what’s really important, safety, security, respect for the police and a fair judicial system, it’s light years ahead of your adopted country.