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SIM card swap scan warning

The Cyprus Telecommunications Authority (CyTA) on Wednesday warned the public about a new scam that sees people being contacted via Viber and being asked to reveal personal information that is then used to scam banks.

According to CyTA, the calls come from a number in a +923ΧΧΧΧΧ6070 format and which appears to be from a call centre in Pakistan but which is possibly from another destination all together.

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The callers, speaking in what CyTA described as broken English, then introduce themselves as CytaVoda Call Centre engineers and offer to help the phone owner find out if they have won a competition.

They ask the phone owner to remove their SIM card and read out the 19 to 20-digit ICCID Number on the back.

The then try to collect as much information about the owner as possible before convincing them to swap their SIM Cards with ones provided by scammers in Cyprus.

They scammers then use social engineering or phishing to scam banks and other businesses.

CyTA underlined that it was not providing these services and that people who get these calls should not pick up at all and, if they do, refrain from handing over any other personal information.

They are also requested to immediately notify the appropriate authorities including the police’s cybercrime unit on 22607250 or 22808200, or the police’s citizen hotline on 1460, as well as their mobile phone service provider.

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