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Sign up for Cyprus Institute solar tech event

The Cyprus Institute has called on people to sign up for the second NESTER School on Concentrated Solar Technologies (CST) taking place later this year.

From November 6 to 16, the Cyprus Institute will be organising the second NESTER School on Concentrated Solar Technologies (CST) in collaboration with four of the most prestigious Research Centres in Europe in this field: CIEMAT (Spain), CNRS-PROMES (France), ENEA (Italy) and RWTH-Aachen (Germany).

This School is held under the NESTER (TWINNING) project (http://nester.cyi.ac.cy/) which is funded by the European Commission.

According to a Cyprus Institute announcement, the School is directed to graduate students (Masters and Doctoral) and to early career professionals. Thus, some background related to the CSP/CST sector would be recommended.

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The School offers a fast-paced comprehensive overview of the field in the first week, followed by more advanced lectures on selected topics of specific interest to the field, delivered by world experts.

Visits and hands-on activities will take place in the state-of-the-art research infrastructures of the Cyprus Institute.

In 2017, the specialised topics will focus on Thermal Energy Storage (TES), including topics such as:

•       Latent heat TES
•       Thermochemical storage
•       Materials for thermals storage systems: requirements and characterization methods
•       Thermophysical and chemical properties of molten salt mixtures
•       Integrated heat storage/steam generation solutions
•       Modelling of single tank, packed bed thermocline heat storage systems
•       Integration of TES in a CSP plant
•       Optimization of TES scheduling
•       Economic aspects and TRL of TES

There is no charge for registration.  Financial support or scholarships for travel and accommodation will be provided only to a selected number of participants.

More information on the NESTER project is available on the project website, the CyI NESTER project page or by contacting [email protected]. You can register at the school here.

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