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Second Bulgarian detained in Daniela murder probe

Police say that they have detained a second Bulgarian national over the murder of Daniela Rosca in Larnaca last year.

A 32-year-old suspect is expected to appear before the Larnaca District Court on Sunday in connection with the brutal killing of the 36-year-old Moldovan woman – who had been found dead in her apartment on Touz Hane Street in the Mackenzie area of Larnaca.

Rosca had been living in Cyprus for seven years – having moved to Larnaca from Romania – before she was found suffocated to death on November 1, 2015.

An arrest warrant had been previously issued for Plamen Pelov after he was named by another suspect – currently in police custody – and who had been named as being 31-year-old Daniel Yordanov Slavchev.

Aradippou resident Panagiotis Alexandrou, 26, and said to be the ex-boyfriend of the victim has also been detained.

Investigators say Pelov – who had since moved back to Bulgaria with his family – had contacted the authorities on the island and informed them that he would willingly return to Cyprus to help with their inquiries.

The 32-year-old arrived at Larnaca Airport at 8.30pm and was immediately placed under arrest by Larnaca CID officers. He has already given a statement to police and was remanded in police custody for five days on Sunday.

During the previous remand hearing, the court heard harrowing details of the death of Rosca from the Cypriot suspect – who had been having an affair with Rosca despite being engaged to another woman.

Both Pelov and Slavchev had worked for Alexandrou at his car dealership.

He had told police that he had suspected Rosca of stealing €25,000 from his parents’ home soon after they broke up.

The victim was said to have died from massive injuries following a fight on her balcony during which her head had been repeatedly slammed against the floor.

She was then dragged to her bedroom with her hands tied behind her back before dying from suffocation, hours after her attackers had left.

Alexandrou had been in a relationship with Rosca between August 2014 and the middle of 2015, soon after which his parents’ house was broken into and €25,000 in cash stolen. The man says he suspected Rosca of stealing the money.

A few weeks after Rosca’s murder, on November 20, 2015, an unnamed person handed in a GPS tracker to the police saying Alexandrou had asked to borrow it from him in September, the court heard.

It is then thought that the suspect handed the device over to Pelov, who left Cyprus two days after the murder.

Phone records showed Pelov had been in regular contact with the other suspect, Slavchev, taken into custody last week and remanded for eight days on Friday after DNA tests placed him at the scene of Rosca’s murder and specifically on the rope used to tie her up.

Slavchev who had been living and working in Larnaca, made a statement saying Pelov had approached him to burgle a woman’s apartment and split the money three ways with her boyfriend.

He said Alexandrou had supplied them with a GPS tracker to follow her movements.

In a written statement, Slavchev said that after two failed attempts, he and his compatriot went to Rosca’s flat on October 31 and, seeing that her car was missing, the elder man used a rope hung from the roof of the building to enter her flat through the bathroom window.

He said Tsvetkov was surprised to find Rosca in the flat and called for him to go upstairs.

He said Tsvetkov wore a mask and gloves and then carried the woman to a bedroom and, after pushing her onto the floor, kick her in the neck and back a number of times.

Because she was still trying to scream, Pelov grabbed a pillow and pushed it against her face, it was claimed.

He then took Rosca’s two mobile phones and i-pad and left the flat. The two men later that day travelled to the Koshi area and burned what they had taken from the flat as well as Pelov’s clothing.

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