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A certain image comes to mind when we think about Italian restaurants. Rustic décor, terracotta floors, square patterns on table cloths, wooden tables, garlic cloves and dried herbs hanging on the walls, and let’s not forget the wood oven with the fire going in the back.

In Rokoko’s case, the new arrival in town, this conventional image goes out the window because here you can try Italian cuisine with an interesting twist. It has a funky environment with post-modern elements and an industrial feel. There are also playful details, such as a long-narrow table that would otherwise look ideal for a game of ping-pong or the bright neon sign above the kitchen that reads “Smells Like Art”. The impressive décor belongs to the group M.O.B. Architects.

As far as taste goes, the menu is simple, wide-ranging, and creative thanks to chef Andreas Andreou. There’s a Food & Share section where you can pick sautéed mushrooms in Marsala wine, with tomato basil, parsley and parmesan or salmon fillet slices in salt, beet, and herbs served with avocado dip, also orzo (barley) and mushrooms, with lobster sauce and grilled shrimp, or eggplant fitters with a sweet tomato-based sauce, and many more.

Then you have pasta dishes with fresh pasta, such as tagliatelle with tomato sauce, eggplant, parmesan flakes, Mozzarella Bocconcini, spaghetti lobster, shrimp, lobster sauce, Grana Moravia cheese and tomato with amazingly handmade stuffed ravioli with tomato sauce.

Then, you guessed it, pizza! There are nine classic editions on thin crust coming out from the Rokoko wood fired oven. These include four-cheese, vegetarian, margarita, calzones, and others.

You have got to order wine with your food by choosing one of the select Italian  wines.

And to top things off at the end, don’t hold back on a tiramisu or peanut butter cheesecake or even a cocktail.

And all this at a reasonable price. Note that Rokoko will even open for lunch soon.

21 Chr. Sozou, Nicosia, 22 254 525.

Maria Th. Massoura

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