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Retarding momentum and the need for a break

By Melissa Hekkers
A holiday has come somewhat at the right time for me. As the negotiations for a potential solution to the Cyprus problem ground to a standstill last week, a feeling of deflation, or a discouragement, should I say, has prevailed. 

I believe that however one attempted not to keep their hopes up, the consequences of dismissing change always prevail one way or another. It’s perhaps at moments like these where one can intrinsically feel the injustice of not being heard, although there are, of course, those who will have been happy with the outcome and the potential of moving forward with a defining, enduring division.

This is perhaps why I feel that a temporary break from the island will only induce a better perspective. I will indeed be acquiring change from other dimensions and realms. I admit that I have been very ready for change.

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Yet even as I write this, I come to contemplating that, perhaps, it is this attitude that will lead things forward for Cyprus. That, potentially, the initiation of change should come from elsewhere for us to be capable of advocating for it. That civically and politically we are too stuck in a rut to be able to make any difference.

It feels as though we have been going round in circles for the past decades endlessly, and that a breath of fresh air will only do good. Of course, this breath of fresh air may not necessarily come as a caress – it may feel somewhat more like a slap across the face.

But sometimes that’s one of the only ways in which to propel someone to take the leap. A trigger that will shake you to your core and consequently demand a change. Without necessarily knowing where that will lead you.  And perhaps that’s okay. For those of you seeking change outside of our realms, have a happy holiday.

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