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Residence rental internet fraud in Cyprus

The police has announced that there is a new internet fraud scheme in Cyprus that the public should be wary of.

The fraudsters prey on citizens who have booked a residence for rental in Cyprus, with the agreement being that the payment for the residence would take place upon arrival.

After the booking is made, a person who introduces himself as the owner of the residence, contacts the renters via internet and then by phone, asking that a money transfer be made for part of the sum payment.

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Renters who did so found themselves in an undesirable situation: when they attempted to reach the residence at the address listed on the website, they found that it does not exist, or that it is already occupied by renters.

A 39 year-old has already been arrested in relation to such a scheme, and police is investigating his involvement in any other possible double-booking schemes.

Police urge the public to be particularly careful with online transactions, and that should something suspicious arise, they should contact the nearest police station or call the Citizen’s Hotline at 1460.

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