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Record 1.4 million travellers expected at Cyprus airports in August

An unprecedented 1.4 million passengers are expected to travel through Larnaca and Paphos airports this August.

Private operator Hermes Airports spokesman Adamos Aspris told reporters that “the passenger traffic in August will surpass every precedent”.

“This August will be the month with the most passenger traffic ever recorded at Cypriot airports, and it is estimated that around 1.4 million passengers will travel through Larnaca and Paphos airports throughout the month,” he said.

Aspris added that “August 6 is expected to be the day when the largest number of flights will be recorded at both airports, as it is expected to include a total of 347 flights within a single 24-hour period”

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He added that between Monday, August 7 and Sunday, August 20, Cyprus’ two international airports will be at the peak of their passenger traffic for the year.

Over this two week period, Aspris said: “It is estimated that, in total, more than 3,800 flights will be carried out and approximately 620,000 passengers will be passing through both international airports in Cyprus”.

“At Larnaca airport,”  he continued: “approximately 3,000 flights are expected to take place, carrying about 470,000 passengers to and from Cyprus, while at Paphos airport there will be around 800 flights, through which approximately 150,000 passengers will travel.”

Aspris also said that “for another year, the Cypriot travelling public is making Greece the most favoured holiday destination”.

He also revealed that, of the total passenger traffic recorded this year, over 30% involve residents of Cyprus.

According to Aspris, “the results of the passenger traffic so far are considered to be very satisfactory, since the beginning of the year showing an increase of 17.8%. This development is the culmination of Hermes’ hard efforts and the broader coordination of the Cypriot airport operator with the operators of our tourism industry. ”

A common goal for all, he concluded, is “the strengthening of the tourist flow towards Cyprus and, by extension, the strengthening of the country’s economy.”



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