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Realtors urge caution for Cypriot students renting in Greece

It is that time of the year again, when Cypriot students make their final preparations ahead of university studies, including securing housing for the coming year.

Realtors urge students to learn their rights and obligations when it comes to renting to ensure that they are not caught by surprise.

The Thessaloniki Realtors Association president, Angelos Pasalides, said that the field of real estate is changing, with Airbnb rentals becoming more and more popular.

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Pasalides said that the price for fully renovated apartments is approximately €150-€200 for a studio, €280-€400 for a one-bedroom, €350-€550 for a two-bedroom apartment. Students can find apartments that are approximately 10% cheaper if they have not been renovated.

“It is a good idea for potential renters to be absolutely certain of their choice before making the down-payment” warned Pasalides.

Prices in Athens are a bit better says Ioannis Revithis, president of the Athens Realtors Association. A one-bedroom apartment will set you back by €150-€250, a two-bedroom apartment can be rented for €200-€300, while a three-bedroom goes for €250-€400.

Revithis cautioned against “under the table” deals, and said that students should not accept terms or conditions which they do not fully understand or agree with.

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