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Rampaging donkey adopted by Nature Park (PICS)

A donkey that wreaked havoc within the village of Angolemi (Taspinar) in the Lefka region has been adopted by the Vouno (Taskent) Nature Park and the Cyprus Animal Rights Association.

The two organisations decided to take in the wayward donkey which spread terror after biting and seriously injuring a herder.

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Yasin Malek, a 25-year-old Pakistani herder almost lost his arm after the animal ran amok before charging at him last week.

The herder, was rushed to hospital in north Nicosia where doctors just managed to save his arm.

Yasin Malek suffered serious injuries after being attacked by the donkey

After the attack, community leader Izzet Ercagil had called on the relative authorities and animal rights groups to collect the animal, which reportedly turns aggressive at the mere sight of people, before it causes more harm.

As locals claimed, the attack on Malek was not the donkey’s first offence as it is known to have also attacked a number of people in nearby villages of Elia (Doganci) and Lefka.

After the attack the donkey was tied to an electricity poll on the outskirt of the village and was left there until the nature park and the animal rights group stepped in.

Images of the donkey tied to the poll triggered a reaction storm from animal activists who complained over how the animal was treated.

As it was reported the donkey is to be taken to the Wild Life Rehabilitation Center at the Vouno Nature Park, located near the Buffavento castle in Kyrenia, where it will undergo a series of health checks and, will receive training in order to be tamed.

Zoologists arriving from the nature park to pick up the animal had a hard time in persuading the animal to get into the vehicle bought for the donkey’s transportation.

The donkey turned aggressive with the zoologists trying to calm him down with food offerings.

Once their attempts failed they resorted to the use of a sedative to calm the animal down.

The park’s personnel then transported the donkey to Vouno Nature Park.

Kemal Basat, the director of the park, said that they plan to look into why the donkey was so aggressive towards humans.

He said that aimed to better the animal’s health and tame it through training.

Izzet Ercagil, the Angolemi community head, said that the whole village was relieved to see the donkey go.

The owner of the donkey, Mehmet Karanlik, also expressed his gratitude towards the Nature Park for taking it in, saying that he was also a victim of the donkey.

He said that he had bought the donkey six months earlier but was not told that it had behavioural problems.

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