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Raising awareness about Cyprus strays

Stray Haven dog shelter may be situated near the Paphos district village of Giolou, but four of its canine charges were in Nicosia on Tuesday to help publicise the plight of stray animals in Cyprus.

Speaking to the Cyprus Weekly, Stray Haven founder Nieske de Jonge said she opened the shelter two years ago and that it now provided a temporary home to some 95 dogs.

“We came to Nicosia with Animal Party Cyprus (APC) today to get the message of the plight of shelter dogs in Cyprus across,” de Jonge said.

She said it was also hoped the group’s visits to media outlets in the capital would help find homes for the four dogs participating in the visit, including a puppy, as well as the rest of the dogs at Stray Haven and other shelters around Cyprus.

To learn more about Stray Haven and the dogs available for adoption there, visit the shelter’s Facebook page, where adoption inquiries can be made and news about upcoming events found. The shelter can also be contacted by calling 96232855.

Earlier on Tuesday, Animal Party Cyprus (APC) President Kyriacos Kyriacou said many as 200,000 dogs on the island are in need of a home as Cyprus marks World Stray Animals Day.

(Photos by Stefanos Kouratzis)

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