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Racing to implement NHS timeline

While the General Auditor Auditor General Odysseas Michaelides is awaiting Finance Ministry responses to his study on the financial aspect of the Republic’s looming National Health Scheme, the Health Insurance Organisation (HIO) is working feverishly to meet timelines and complete preparation for the NHS’ implementation, which is now provided for by legislation.

According to Philelftheros daily, the first focus of the HIO – the body created to administer the NHS Fund – is on preparing the relevant regulations, which, upon completion will be put forward for public consultation, with all citizens being eligible to give feedback, after which said regulations will have to be reshaped and submitted to be voted in by parliament.

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A second and more complex objective for the HIO is to launch a consultation with the agencies representing the health officials who will participate in the NHS, and offer services to its beneficiaries.

As such, talks with these agencies are set to begin in October, with discussions kicking off with the Pancyprian Medical Association, and thereafter stretching to include pharmacists, pharmaceuticals manufacturers/importers, clinical laboratories and diagnostic centres.

The dialogue will concern both the determination of how health officials work with the HIO and the amount of compensation service providers are due to receive from the NHS.

The HIO envisages having launched talks with all such health bodies and officials by Christmas, and the whole effort will be to engage with those providers who are due to come under the NHS’ framework during the first phase of its implementation in June 2019.

Finally, the procedures for the promotion and installation of the NHS’ e-heath software are under way, which, according to HIO Board of Directors chairman Thomas Antoniou, are progressing on the basis of the established timelines.

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