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Quality and reputable hotels in Cyprus

By Constantinos A. Iacovos

To achieve a quality programme for the hotel sector, you need a variety of non-complex patterns, techniques, procedures and high levels of communication between employees and senior management.

It is important to have common guidelines to address everyday problems, frequent coordination and sequencing between all of those affected.

A significant number of larger hotels in Cyprus around the coasts and inland already offer superb quality and value experience.

This quality is based on making the right choices about employees, a focused direction of procedures and training, and offering unparalleled and luxury hospitality to the most demanding customers.

Several hotel companies on the island are now considered admirable in the hotel industry overall. For example, Condé Nast Traveller magazine considers Anassa Hotel in Paphos among the best family hotels in the world.

The rising success of Cypriot hotels is founded on certain main principles: innovation, people management, use of corporate assets and social responsibility.

The growing financial soundness of Cypriot four-and five-star hotels, and quality of products and services they constantly offer, are significant parameters of this success.
Quality in hotels is achieved by a total focus on key areas, such as the cleanliness of the premises, the hotel bedrooms, the bathrooms and the overall service and efficiency around the hotel. In addition, the food quality and the level of hospitality and friendliness are persistently projected to satisfy current and potential customers.
The quality of services at several hotels on the island is based on the appropriate education, and on restructuring policies and work plans that are not based on specific recipes or formulas that limit workers but on strategies that allow the employee to freely serve the customer in unexpected situations.

This is achieved by techniques that give workers frequent opportunities to assume different roles in different jobs and occupations suited to the immediate needs of the customer.

The benefits of service quality programmes are that they have helped hotels in coastal areas all over the island to empower employees to be able to deal with clients and family.

It is also important as emphasising the upgradeable value provided by several of the hotels in Cyprus for the corresponding money of their clients.

The hotel’s performance can also be promoted on social media and on TripAdvisor, which provide reviews of tourism-related and hotel accommodation on the island. Any negative service experiences, documented by visitors, can adversely affect other potential visitors.

The rise of customer reviews makes it necessary for hotel accommodation establishments all over the island to focus on the reputation of their brand names and also to ensure quality.

Reputable hotels and others growing in reputation therefore face new challenges. This requires a focus on enhancing performance, job quality, technical know-how and most of all on improving people’s inter-personal skills.

Hotels in Cyprus also need to take advantage of the new influx of Russian and other tourists coming to the island, either as repeaters or first-comers.

At the same time, new approaches need to be crafted to contend with current and future employees’ job attitudes to worldwide operations, where the difference between the Cypriot and the organisational culture can vary a great deal.

The writer is Assistant professor of American College in Nicosia

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