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Proposal to reward early road tax payers

A proposed bill being prepared by House Communications Committee president Giorgos Prokopiou makes provision for discounts to road tax if paid early.

The proposed bill aims at giving motorists incentives to pay their road tax sooner while offering a ‘reward’ to those who pay their tax during the first days of January as opposed to the multitude who wait for the last minute.

According to statistics, 30% of motorists wait until the last minute to pay their road tax, while others don’t pay at all.

The proposed bill sees discounts of 10% for payments made in January and 5% for payments made in February while the full amount will be paid by those making payments in March.

The existing legislation makes provisions for a €10 +10% levy for delayed road tax renewals.

The state is not expected to lose any income by introducing the incentive as a €10, €20 and €30 levy according to exhaust emissions have been added to road taxes since 2013 within the memorandum framework.

Prokopiou believes that the incentives will prevent the phenomenon of the online payment system crashing due to overload as it has done for the past two years.

Last Saturday saw the JCCsmart website crash due to an overload as shoppers and members of the public attempted to make online and bank card payments.

In the last few hours before the deadline, 33,000 road tax transactions were made totalling some €4.9 million.


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