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President ready to shake up National Council

The President’s letter calling for a dialogue on how best the National Council should be convened so as to become more productive was sent out on Monday to Cyprus’ eight parliamentary party leaders.

But the response is more than predictable considering that some have already stated they won’t accept what they describe as unacceptable proposals by President Nicos Anastasiades.

They mostly oppose the President’s call for a confidentiality agreement to be signed by all council participants whose role is an advisory one on the Cyprus problem.

“The letter focuses on three basic points: the first one is how best to safeguard confidentiality in view of the endless leaks throughout the years. The President will demand the signing of a confidentiality accord, and those who break it will be expelled,” informed sources said.

Secondly, the advisory body will have to be restructured to allow for a  substantial dialogue rather than party leaders of representatives just analyzing their positions.

The President also suggests that the number of party representatives should not be over 16, with the overall number of participants in a meeting not exceeding 20.

Thirdly, the agenda should be clarified since it started as an advisory body on the Cyprus problem and has expanded into discussing other issues, such as energy and foreign policy.

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