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President: “Does Turkey mean what it says?”

What the Turkish Cypriot side says about disagreements on methodology are “sinful excuses” said Republic of Cyprus President Nicos Anastasiades.

He further wondered whether Turkey truly means what it says, or whether “we will be going to Geneva just for an excursion”.

Anastasiades made his comments to journalists after the annual meeting of nationalistic association SAPEL.

“I have repeatedly said, we have been discussing the same topics for 44 years. The moment of truth has arrived. Does Turkey mean what it says or are will we be going to Geneva just for an excursion?”, said Anastasiades.

“I mean what I say, I mean that we must finally deal with the essence of the total of chapters, in order so that at a major conference we can achieve what all Cypriots want: a solution to the Cyprus problem…”

“Our good faith has been proven at the negotiation table, even through the latest proposal which we submitted”, added Anastasiades.

In response to Akel criticism, Anastasiades said “I am saddened because Akel, in spite of the positive stance held throughout the dialogue with Mr. Akinci, has lately changed its positions due to the presidential elections, positions which I wonder whether they express the people of Akel.”

“Is it possible that they tell me I must continue to deal with the four chapters, and avoid the chapter of security?” Anastasiades wondered.

“All I have heard from them is “it’s a shame to lose the progress made.” Who achieved this progress? Akel? Or the President of the Republic?”

Presidential Elections

In response to criticism that he has put his personal ambitions above the Cyprus problem, President Anastasiades said that “if my goal were the 2018 elections, I would not submit the proposal, so that we can achieve a solution to the Cyprus problem at a conference.”

“What saddens me is that those who are engaged in the presidential elections try to blame others. At this hour we are supposed to be united to counter the aspirations of the Turkish side which is trying to blame the Greek Cypriot side.”


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One comment

  1. It is clear in Cyprus what “Turkishness” has done, and what in affect “Turkishness” is doing to Turkey. A Cyprus divided, only leads to Turkey more divided; this is natural: as is a united Cyprus, and a united Turkey. What is the Cypriot way, is the way, the “perfect” solution, one that can be emulated, and by the rest of the world held in high esteem, it remains elusive, this reform to a BBF, like the USA, or Canada.

    …it is time for Mr. Akinci to remember who voted for him, who he is representing. Mr. Anastasiades, like his electors stand alone, for Cyprus, without him. Without Mr. Akinci, Mr. Anastasiades’ choices are even fewer. He, Mr. Akinci may think there is no choice, that he is ending this drama for Turkish Cypriots by his own betrayal of the rest of us not “Turkish”, feeling perhaps the pressure of such a dogma, and, in any case since those “Turkish” he faces have their own candidates to choose from. Turkish Cypriots risk “being” no-more.

    Either Mr. Akinci is a Cypriot, or, not. He makes demands for “Turks”, and he ignores that in the Cypriot context, that “Turks” and “Greeks” are no different and not Cypriot. While he ridicules Mr. Anastasiades for wearing two hats, he should think again, what hat he wears that he wears one. And that, putting Cyprus, before “Greekness”, or “Turkishness”, in Cyprus, to Cypriots, for Cyprus, should have no shame

    It is up to Turkey, to act, since Mr. Akinci is not up to the task of uniting a country. What better venue than Geneva with the world watching for Erdogan to demonstrate what could be in effect a “new Turkey”, by recognising the Republic of Cyprus in its capacity to reform itself, and in effect agreeing to a solution agreeable to Cypriots, the other half as i like to call them, those not “Greek” and not “Turkish”.

    One Turkey, like one Cyprus is not so hard to understand, if you think about it. Turkey cannot afford a divided Cyprus, and the Republic has demonstrated itself to be a resilient adversary to such a notion. Better as an ally perhaps, a better Turkey perhaps, as a BBF; like in Cyprus not “Greek” while mostly Greek speaking, in Turkey, not “Turkish”, but Turk. A united Cyprus gives hope, a united Turkey is possible, so too Peace in the region.

    I say thank goodness for Anastasiades, Greek as he is. If Akinci cannot say he is Cypriot shame on him.