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Presentation of EOS Project records resounding success

Entrepreneurs, lawmakers, engineers and more gathered at the Hilton Park on June 8 for the first official presentation of a green project that is setting the bar high for renewable energy technology.

The high-profile guests from Cyprus and abroad spoke in the best possible way regarding the first formal presentation of the innovative technology that is the CY_CSPc_EOS Green Energy Project.

The technology will be applied in Cyprus at the Alassa solar park project, which has already earned a €60-million sponsorship from the European Union for its implementation.

In his opening speech to the attendees of the event, the President of the House of Representatives, Demetris Syllouris, said: “The project brings great news for Cyprus and for the battle against climate change. I am proud that a private initiative, in conjunction with the state, the European Union and the European Investment Bank, has gathered the necessary resources to complete this project.
In a video message to those attending the event, EU Fuel & Pollution Commissioner Miguel Arias Cañete stressed that the EOS Green Energy Project will provide Cyprus with innovative, concentrated solar energy. In this way, a renewable and economical energy source will help decarbonise the energy industry and create a significant number of green job positions.

“I am certain that this project will be a source of inspiration for many other islands, since it is the perfect example of how the continuing technological revolution can transform the energy sector. I am especially glad that the project is moving ahead swiftly and I look forward to its opening in June 2020,” said Cañete.

Environment Minister Nicos Kouyialis also honoured the event by attending and giving a speech. He stressed the importance of the project earning first place and an EU sponsorship, having passed all the necessary technical and financial checks.
“The project is the only one of its kind in Europe and will put Cyprus on the map of innovation,” said Kouyialis.

He continued: “The great relevance of this technology is proven by its spreading to neighbouring countries, leading to the development of similar projects. These projects cover not only the energy needs of their host countries, but are also able to export to Europe in an environmentally-friendly manner.”

“For these reasons, we welcome the initiative of Alfa Mediterranean Enterprises and we look forward to the application of the technology, and it being exported to other countries,” said Kouyialis.

Important speeches were also given by Michalis Stylianou, representative of the European Commission in Cyprus, and Deloitte partner Nicos Kyriakides, who spoke on the financial aspects of the project. Dr. Venizelos Efthymiou of the University of Cyprus presented the technical aspects and innovative technology driving the project. Finally, Sarah Sabin, partner at Gateley Plc, handed out letters of interest to representatives of neighbouring countries, calling on them to cooperate to create an energy export network towards Europe.

How does it work?

An array of solar reflective panels produce infinitely renewable energy day and night, using the power of the sun, without pollution of any sort.

A graphite heat storage tank stands in the centre of concentric circles of reflectors (heliostats) that direct the sun’s energy to the tank’s collection point. Using heat-exchange technology, the tank creates super-heated ‘dry’ steam, which is discharged to a turbine, where it is used to create electrical energy.

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