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Police defend diving off Cape Greco (VIDEO)

A police official in Ayia Napa has defended the actions of tourists jumping into the waters off Cape Greco, despite concerns that such antics are dangerous.

With the summer season just around the corner, Ayia Napa and other tourist areas around the island are beginning to get busier with the latest video from Cape Greco showing a British tourist making a plunge into the sea off a six-metre high cave.

Some people have taken to social media to warn about the dangerous of diving off the caves in the area but one police official begs to differ.

“There is no law to prohibit people wanting to dive or jump off these rocks and into the waters in Cape Greco,” a police official from Ayia Napa told in-cyprus.com.

“In fact, there are some very beautiful spots for diving in that area. Now whether these actions are dangerous or not is relative. We have not had any reports of injuries from Cape Greco. We have had some reports of injuries, however, from Nissi Beach.”

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