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Pokemon Go a danger to Cyprus’ roads

REACTION’s Road Safety Unit has warned motorists and pedestrians of the dangers of using the popular mobile app Pokémon Go.

The organisation has moved to take action following reports that members of the public are violating safety laws because they are using the hugely popular game. REACTION’s head Marios Stavrou is concerned for motorists and pedestrians alike, as they put themselves in harm’s way when using the application.

“Pedestrians are wandering the streets with an incredibly high risk of drifting into passing cars”, he said.

“Some of the players glorify this behaviour on social media. Everyone has the choice to participate in whichever game he likes, as long as it is safe for him, as well as others.”

Globally, there have been many traffic accidents caused by the urge to look at the screen while driving, some of them even fatal.

“The legislation in Cyprus is clear. The use of a mobile phone for this specific application is prohibited, as to protect the driver and the passengers, as well as the other drivers using the road.”

There have been numerous incidents in Cyprus, where drivers would stop the car in the middle of the street to chase Pokémon.

“The distraction of a driver or a pedestrian may result in a fatal accidents.”

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