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Pavlos Photiades elected president of Brewers of Europe

During the General Assembly of the Brewers of Europe that took place in Barcelona today, Pavlos Photiades was unanimously elected president of the organisation.

Photiades is taking the place of Demetrio Carceller as president in a time of difficult challenges and changes in the beer industry.

Based in Brussels, the Brewers of Europe represents 6500 breweries and the national representatives of 29 countries in Europe. The European Union is the world’s 2nd largest beer producer, with production in 2014 reaching 383 million hectolitres.

Pavlos Photiades is the General Manager of Photos Photiades Breweries and the Photos Photiades Group, which holds a leading market position in the sector of drinks manufacturing and producing, land development, in the insurance and energy industries.

The Group is successfully active in Cyprus, Greece, Romania, Slovenia and Croatia.

Photiades has been a Board member in numerous public companies and organisations in Greece and Cyprus, also being Vice-President of the Brewers of Europe since 2015.

Speaking after his election, Photiades called it a ‘special honor’ and said he would put ‘every effort to ensure the dynamic presence and contribution of the beer making sector in European cultural heritage.”

Photiades said the beer market is changing rapidly with small and medium sized beermakers playing a larger role. He said he will make the most of these changes and expand on the successful programs of the organisation.

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