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Paraplegic workers call for accessible amenities

Cyprus public sector workers with mobility problems have called on the government to ensure that they have access to restrooms at their place of work.

According to the Cyprus Paraplegics Association, most restrooms in buildings housing public services do not have restrooms for people with mobility disabilities, especially for those confined to a wheelchair, which requires them to make their way to other floors to find a suitable restroom.

In a letter to the Public Services Central Housing Authority, the Cyprus Paraplegics Association pointed out that the state is the largest employer of people with disabilities with the number expected to rise in accordance with legislation regarding the hiring of people with disabilities.

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The number of people with disabilities set to be employed by the state, who meet the set requirements, is 10% of the positions in the general public sector.

The Association, in its letter to the Housing Authority, insists that the public amenities in a public sector building should be accessible to people with disabilities and especially for those confined to a wheelchair.

“Just as any employee has access to a suitable restroom, so should a person with disabilities,” said the Association.

Failure to ensure this means that a person with disabilities is discriminated against, said the Association.

In its letter, the Association has called for the Housing Authority to ensure that in buildings rented to house public services, a restroom should be available for people with disabilities on each floor.

“The state must demand a high level of accessibility and to ensure the best possible service for their employees with disabilities while ensuring their equal treatment to the highest possible degree,” argues the Association.

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