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Paraplegic patients speak out against doctor

The Cyprus Paraplegic Association wants the two big medical associations to take action against a neurosurgeon at Nicosia General who is reportedly bossing people around and mistreating patients.

Several members of the paraplegic association (OPAK) have been complaining to their group representatives about a doctor at the hospital, who is responsible for administering medication to quadriplegic patients.

According to the complaints, the doctor is not only behaving inappropriately towards patients and their relatives but he is also not cooperating adequately with doctors from the quadriplegic ward.

“The services he offers are of very low quality and they cause additional complications,” according to daily Phileleftheros.

OPAK is asking the State Doctors Union (Pasyki) and the Cyprus Medical Association (CMA) to take action and remove the doctor immediately from any duties where he comes in contact with members of OPAK.

In one case, a woman had gone to Nicosia General to have her implanted pump filled up with medicine she had provided herself, which she received from London.

In November 2016, she wrote in her complaint, a neurosurgeon who was visibly agitated and nervous had called them in and asked them to go into a small and dirty room. He asked her husband, who helped the nurse transfer his wife from the wheelchair to the bed, to go outside.

But the doctor failed repeatedly to locate the pump pocket, and after many unsuccessful attempts he decided to call another nurse who was familiar with the issue.

“Com’ here, and I ain’t finding the hole,” the neurosurgeon shouted out in the corridor, with a male nurse responding while also making bets with female nurses that he would find it at once.

But something had gone wrong and the patient was having spasms in her body later at home. This was a sign that the intrathecal pump, which delivers small doses of medication directly to the spinal fluid, was not working properly.

She said she had to visit the Emergency Room the following day and two months later, after staying in the neuro-medical ward of the hospital without proper diagnosis, she was leaving without any options.

“When I came to the neurosurgery unit to have my pump refilled, I was completely okay,” she said.

In another case, a patient was waiting all prepped up for the refill but the doctor was nowhere to be found, with the nurses assuring him that he would get there as soon as he came out of surgery.

But the patient asked his wife to go out and look for the doctor, who was in fact in his office and even got out to visit another colleague’s office.

The wife then confronted the doctor, after nurses told her to go in with her husband but would not tell the doctor himself that he was needed.
“Doctor, what are you doing, my husband can’t take it, why won’t you come?” she asked the doctor.

But the doctor responded back yelling and giving excuses, according to the complaint, causing the woman to tremble and palpitate with terror.

The woman’s husband, the patient, told the doctor he would lodge a complaint against him.

“I condemn the doctor for selfish and authoritarian behaviour as well as improper and arrogant behaviour, and for showing deliberate indifference towards me,” the patient wrote in his complaint.

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