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Paphos sanctuary has over 700 cats (PICTURES)

Created out of concern about the welfare of the cats, the Ayios Neophytos Cat Park near the Paphos monastery of the same name has within five years become home to over 700 cats.

The cats had been surviving on scraps from the nearby café at Ayios Neophytos Monastery but, amid concern of their welfare during the harsher winter months and after customers began to complain about the number of cats around, a decision was taken to create the shelter.

The Paphos sanctuary was erected on a piece of land provided by Archimandrite Alexios Englistriotis and the 70m by 80m fenced-in facility is maintained by mostly British volunteers.

“These are cats nobody wants and they have all been neutered or spayed so that the problem does not expand with the arrival of new kittens,” the volunteers told Phileleftheros.

Noting the cats’ food and care depended on the work of volunteers and donations, they said the only assistance they received from the monastery as such was being able to use the land rent-free.

The shelter has surpassed its full capacity and can no longer take in any cats, the volunteers said, asking people to stop bringing their unwanted cats and kittens there.

To discover more about the Ayios Neophytos Cat Park, visit their official website or the ‘Tala Monastery Cats’ Facebook page for more information about the effort and how to help.

(Photos courtesy of the Tala Monastery Cats’ Facebook page)


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