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Paphos Land Registry officials accused of abuse of power

Attorney General Costas Clerides is looking into claims of abuse of authority at the Land Registry Office in Paphos following a complaint by a business owner in the city.

According to the man’s statement, the complaint dates back to 2002 during which he claims that certain officials at the department – which operates under the wing of the Interior Ministry – had been purposefully dragging their feet over the obligatory mensuration protocol (or surveys) of a plot of land in Peyia.

An official had reportedly found an error in the survey and continuously postponed the issuing of permits pending new investigations. The case had only been looked into in 2011 during which the company officials had been called in.

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It later transpired, according to the police complaint on September 14, that there had been a note in the case file (dated July 5, 2016) during which it read that there were no issues with the mensuration protocol.

The complaint also claims that the same protocol had been approved 14 years before but nobody at the company in question had been contacted.

The complaint has been filed against the director of the Paphos Land Registry and another official and has told police that he is ready to produce more evidence if he is called upon to do so.

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