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Pafos (Paphos)

The entire town of Pafos is a listed UNESCO World Heritage Site. Pafos was the capital of Cyprus for a long period of time in antiquity. Today it is a charming town in the west of Cyprus. Numerous archaeological sites can be seen from the centre of the modern town down to its picturesque harbour, as well as all along the coast. It is out of the seas of Pafos that Aphrodite, Greek Olympian goddess of Love and Beauty is said to have risen, and it was in Pafos that the worship of the goddess flourished.
The charm of the goddess can still be felt throughout the area. The Pafos region is surrounded by a beautiful coastline. Inland and in the mountainous regions lay superb monasteries and tranquil villages, where old traditions and customs have been kept alive since time immemorial.

Courtesy of the CTO

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