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Over 25% of toys in Cyprus fail to meet safety standards

More than a quarter of the toys inspected by the State Laboratory in 2016 were withdrawn from the market as they failed to meet minimum safety requirements prompting officials to continue with stringent testing.

A total of 188 toys underwent testing in 2016, 17% for metal analysis, 53% for phthalate esters (added to plastics to increase flexibility, transparency, durability and longevity), 18% for mechanical and physical properties and 13% for combustibility.

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A total of 49 samples (26.1%) did not meet the minimum safety standards.

“It has been observed that over the last few years, the rate of unsuitable children’s toys remain high and there is a need for continued and intensified controls, particularly for products from third countries,” announced the State Lab.

The Laboratory’s main aim is to ensure children are not exposed to chemical dangers from children’s toys as well as the danger from any unsuitable mechanical and physical properties the toys may have.

Children are also susceptible to dangers posed by poor manufacturing which could lead to injury or pose a choking hazard.

Testing is carried out in collaboration with the relevant departments, in particular, for the control of mechanical/physical properties, flammability, and transport of toxic metals with the Consumer Protection Services and the Department of Labour Inspection for the testing of phthalates.

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