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Over 1,000 phone, traffic light violators charged by police

A total of 1,189 traffic violations were caught by the police in the week of July 31-August 6, 2017, of which 619 involved the use of mobile phone while driving, and 570 were due to drivers running a red light.

The traffic violations were caught in an island-wide police campaign specifically targeted against red light and mobile phone use traffic violations.

In an announcement, the police notes that driving with occupied hands, usually due to using a mobile phone, distracts the mind and is one of the most significant factors worldwide in causing accidents.

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  1. I traffic light violations are so important why is it that a set in Chlorakas Paphos have been faulty for a over a year, I have mentioned it to councillors, and have been told they have to come from Nicosia, Is that so far away, do hey need a map? I have also E-mailed Paphos Police with no response , the Authorities, need to put their house in order