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Organ donor option for driving license proposed

An MP caused controversy during a session of the House Health Committee this week after calling for driving licenses to also state whether it’s holder wishes to be an organ donor or not.

The proposal was raised by Disy Paphos deputy Costakis Constantinou and was met with disdain by some fellow MPs who argued that forcing motorists to state whether or not they wish to be organ donors was immoral.

Constantinou, for his part, says that the aim of the proposal is to break the taboo of being an organ donor in Cyprus but to also increase the number of organ donors on the island.

This would be achieved by ticking a box as to whether the motorist wants to be an organ donor in the event of death on the driving license request form.

The move has been welcomed by the Cyprus Transplant Association and the Health Ministry but not by a Communications Ministry who raised the issue of the would-be motorist not being fully informed on what is being asked of an organ donor.

Most of the MPs were in agreement that the number of organ donors on the island need to increase but some expressed reservations on “imposing such a decision on an 18-year-old who simply wants to start driving”.

Public health specialist Michalis Voniatis, meanwhile, pondered the question of the youngster feeling obliged to tick the box to agree being an organ donor in fear of prejudice against his application request.

Another MP, meanwhile, described such a move as “extortionate”.

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