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Oratorio of Bozan (Oratorio)

The Nicosia Turkish Municipality Theatre and the Nicosia Turkish Municipality Orchestra are co-producing a musical and theatrical oratorio presented by Bozan.

What: Oratorio of Bozan (Oratorio)
When: Thursday, 20 April
Where: Ataturk Cultural Centre at the Near East University

Taking place at the Ataturk Cultural Centre at the Near East University at 8.30pm, the oratorio is compiled of poetry and stories written by the likes of Nazim Hikmet, Ahmet Arif, Luis Aragon, William Shakespeare, Bertolt Brecht and Mahmut Anayasa.

The orotario is directed by Yasar Ersoy and the orchestra by Oskay Hoca and deals with matters of the heart and struggles people come across during their life. Tickets are priced at 20 TL (€5) with all proceeds going to the “Women’s Refuge Home” (Home for abused women).

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