Norwegians ‘attempted to kidnap’ toddler in Cyprus

Police in Cyprus have arrested three Norwegian nationals on suspicion of attempting to kidnap a four-year-old girl living in Nicosia.

Speaking to The Cyprus Weekly, Police Spokesperson Andreas Angelides said the three suspects – said to be 29, 40 and 60 – were taken into custody on Sunday at the Agios Dometios checkpoint after reports that they had come to the island to take the child from its Greek Cypriot mother. All three are Norwegian nationals and neither of them are relatives of the child.

“The suspects are currently in court where investigators are seeking to keep them in remand while investigations are continuing”, said Angelides. “The hearing may be postponed until a Norwegian translator is found. They are currently under investigation for conspiracy to commit a crime. Attempted kidnapping will most likely be added as an additional charge later.”

He added: “The child’s mother had secured an injunction from Cyprus to have the child returned to her from the father – who is Norwegian and whom she had separated from. We had received information that the trio would be arriving in Cyprus to kidnap the child and we have sufficient evidence to back up those claims.”

State radio later reported that the three suspects “are well known to the authorities” and that police investigators in Cyprus were anticipating their arrival. Police officials also said that they believe the child’s father had paid the three suspects to snatch back the child.

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  • Maverick_974

    One of these three is an ex-mercenary who has made it a livelihood to escape Norwegian convicted prisoners in other countries. This trio believes they are above the law, and it was about time they are stopped. Kudos to Cyprus Police!

    • sala

      Wow, you must have insider knoweldge. So these are international thugs? I assume the father of the child is also a thug. Poor child, poor mother.

      • Maverick_974

        He has openly confessed that he has killed 132 people on different jobs around the world. Espen Lee, look him up.

        • sala

          jesus christ

John Leonidou

John Leonidou