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Nippon Japanese Restaurant

This Japanese restaurant’s philosophy is very simple: it’s all about quality. Nippon, in Larnaca, is without a doubt, one of the best Japanese restaurants in Cyprus. Its dishes are elegant, the flavours are authentic, the place is decorated beautifully and the service is impeccable.
The owner Gil Panayiotou and his team, never seize to amaze us with their new creations. As far as the maki concern, there are excellent choices. The Manolo Maki Prawn and the Yellow Mountain Maki are highly recommended. In the rest of the menu, you will find dishes as the beef teriyaki, the Nippon shrimps with sweet chili sauce, sake and coriander, the sea bass tartare and the mini spring rolls.
Open 7 days a week for lunch and then for dinner.
120 Stadiou Str., Larnaca, 24400330

Christina Skordi

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