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Nicosia announces free public parking dates for December

Nicosia Municipality says people can park their vehicles for free in all public parking spaces in the city on weekends during the holidays, starting December 10 all the way through Christmas Day.

As Christmas holidays are just around the corner, the Nicosia municipality issued a statement saying that all public city car parks as well as spaces with parking metres on public roads will be free of charge for all vehicle owners.

The statement says the initiative is part of an effort to boost commercial activity in the town centre during the weekends of December 10-11 and 17-18. Toll free parking will begin on Saturday at 7am in the morning through Monday morning at 7am during these two weekends.

Free parking will also be available on December 23, 24, and 25, starting that Friday at 7am and ending Monday on the 26th at 7am.

People are encouraged to take advantage of free parking as they head downtown but are also discouraged from leaving their cars parked for the whole day so that more people can benefit in the spirit of the holidays.

Visitors should contact the City or visit the website to confirm dates and availability ahead of time.

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