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New police radar set to end speeding disputes

Traffic Police in Cyprus will soon be using a new generation of radar camera technology to better track disorderly motorists and end the trend of drivers blaming others.

According to media reports on Friday, the new radar equipment will include built-in cameras to rule out any doubt over which vehicle had committed an offence.

The new technology is expected to be especially useful when it comes to motorists stopped for speeding who insist it was the vehicle in front of them that had actually been going over the limit.

Deputy Chief of the Traffic Department Harris Evripides says efforts are already underway for the police to access the money needed to acquire the new equipment through relevant EU funding.

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He added that the existing radars had begun showing signs of wear and tear and would, in any case, need to be replaced soon. Police officials are hoping that EU funds will help in the purchase of the equipment.

Otherwise, the Cyprus Police will be forced to seek subsidies elsewhere.

Evripides said the photos would not only be used to convince a doubtful driver they had been speeding but would also be admissible in a  court of law if the motorist continued to dispute the charge.

The new radars will have a wider reach than the ones being used now and be suitable in built-up areas and open roads.

Speeding and drink driving continue be the number one cause of road deaths in Cyprus.

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