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New lease on life for 500-year-old monastery

The 500-year-old monastery of Ayios Panteleimona in the village of Myrtou in the north of Cyprus has been given a new lease on life with the first phase of extensive restoration work performed by the Technical Committee on Cultural Heritage completed.

In a small ceremony held at the monastery on Thursday, members of the Committee and representatives of the UNDP and European Commission talked to Greek Cypriots from the area as well as to Turkish Cypriots and members from the Maronite community about the restoration project.

The Greek Cypriot head of the Committee, Takis Hadjidemetriou, said that for the project to reach its current stage, it required the mutual assistance from both sides in order to overcome unexpected problems.

“We assure all our countrymen that with clear and honest explanations we can build trust between ourselves,” said Hadjidemetriou.

“The Technical Committee has taught us that we can be productive when we work together,” said Turkish Cypriot Committee head Ali Tuncay.

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