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Near tragedy for family holidaying in Paralimni

A four and a half year-old boy is in a critical but stable condition at Nicosia’s Makarios Hospital after suffering head injuries that occurred as his 12-year-old sister rescued him from the bottom of a swimming pool.

According to the police, at around 5pm on Monday the girl spotted her little brother at the bottom of the swimming pool at the apartments they and their parents were staying at in Paralimni. The family, German nationals, are on holiday in Cyprus.

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As she was trying to get her brother out of the pool, the little girl slipped on the last step, resulting in her brother hitting his head on the side of the pool and being seriously injured.

Two passers-by performed CPR on the boy after determining that he was not breathing and had no pulse and managed to revive him.

He was rushed by ambulance to Famagusta General Hospital in Paralimni and put on a respirator. Doctors did not determine internal bleeding but did find liquid in the boy’s lungs. It remains unclear whether this is water or vomit.

The child was later on Monday taken by ambulance to Makarios Hospital in Nicosia.

Paralimni police are investigating the incident.

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  1. Please be more vigilant and responsible with your children in pools and the sea. Always wear body savers , and make sure your watching the children .
    Too many incidents like this occour.