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National Strategy to combat violence in schools

The cabinet has given the green light to Education Minister Costas Kadis to develop a National Strategy and Action plan to prevent and combat violence in schools.

The development of the strategy, the first such undertaking in Cyprus, constitutes two parts which include the assimilation of validated scientific data surrounding the subject and secondly, to introduce optimal plans of action.

Furthermore, the strategy will encompass all existing programmes and efforts to prevent and combat violence at schools.

Work on the strategy will start immediately in conjunction with the relevant state services (Psychiatric services for children and teenagers, Social Welfare Services and the police, teachers’ organisations, parents associations, student bodies, school boards as well as independent institutions and non-governmental organisations.

Violence in Cyprus’ schools came to the fore in 2016 when a schoolgirl in Limassol was beaten up by another two girls while onlookers filmed the incident and later posted it on social media platforms while in November, a 16-year-old boy who was set upon by three masked attackers during break-time at his Nicosia district lyceum.


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