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National Guard calls up new conscripts

The Defence Ministry on Friday officially called up the next round of National Guard conscripts.

According to  an official announcement, conscripts obliged to report for duty between June 20 and July 7 are those born between January 1 and December 31, 1999 “as well as those born in the years 1972 to 1998 who are obliged to serve in the National Guard but have yet to do so”.

Those born before 1999 will serve for a reduced period of 14 months if they report for service before July 2019, the Ministry continued, adding the time in service for this category of conscripts would thereafter be extended to 18 months.

It said any time previously served in the National Guard would be taken into account.

The Defence Ministry also said subsidies for specialised clothing and footwear would be provided to conscripts on request for the first time this year. More details of the scheme will be sent by post the conscripts, who will be expected to pick up the goods themselves.

Reporting for training camp on the date and time assigned to them, conscripts will also have to take along the relevant documentation sent to them as well as their ID card or passport. They must also take along a certified photocopy of the high school leaving diploma, their driving licence and certification of their marital status from either their community leader or, in the case of father of three or more children, the relevant association representing prolific families.

For more information contact the National Guard  headquarters on 22417121, 22417124, 22417125, or the regional recruiting offices on 22515260, 22515238, 22417130, 22417131 for Nicosia, 25369850, 25413367, 25342382 for Limassol, 24625376, 24411300, 24411302 for Larnaca and the Famagusta district, and 25413949, 25413916, 26933270 for Paphos.

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