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Name and shame MPs for conflict of interests

Salary cuts of up to 30 days to MPs have been proposed in a report by two University of Cyprus professors, Aristotelis Constantinides and Constantinos Kombou.

The report was prepared at the request of the House Institutions Committee, with the goal of finding measures to deal with the image of corruption and undue influence that the public has regarding politicians.

If an MP has a conflict of interest and neglects to make it known, besides the salary cut, he should receive a written reprimand, be made to apologise in the House of Representatives in front of his colleagues, or have his name publicised in the House website until the end of his term.

The basic suggestions in the report were presented on Wednesday in front of the Institutions Committee by professor Aristotelis Constandinides in the presence of the House president Demetris Syllouris.

Both Syllouris and the rest of the members of the Committee were for the adoption of measures which promote transparency in case of conflict of interest and corruption.

Among other measures, Constandinides suggested that a code of ethics be adopted, that it be made compulsory to make cases of conflict of interest public, and that state officials be reprimanded in such cases.

As Constandinides said, his proposed system includes state officials for which there is a constitutional constraint, such as the President of the Republic, the Attorney General, the Auditor General, and others.

The two professors consider that members of the judicial body  should be exempt from such a procedure since, on the one hand, there is sufficient self-regulation and on the other hand, issues on the distinction of powers come to the forefront, along with other matters which require specialised study.

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