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MP calls for service stations on new Paphos-Polis road

Plans for the construction of the new Paphos –Polis Chrysochous highway should incorporate the creation of service stations along its route, something absent from the island’s existing road network, urges Green MP Charalampos Theopemptou.

Theopemptou believes the incorporation of such service stations along with the correct infrastructure will help in developing the communities in which they are located.

“The Public Works Department (PWD) insists that the distances in Cyprus do not merit service stations on the island’s highways,” said Theopemptou.

Theopemptou believes that although most travellers may not need a place to rest, eat or use the bathroom once built, the service centres will be widely used by the general public.

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“As a tourist island with many visitors which hire cars to experience the natural sites, service stations will definitely help,” he added.

Theopemptou is also of the opinion that the service centres will function as truck stops, giving drivers a much-needed rest during long hauls.

Theopemptou believes that the service stations should provide clean restrooms and a restaurant while at the same time allowing travellers to use its premises to eat and drink their own packed food.

The service station should also have a small retail outlet offering local products; along with the restaurant bring income into the surrounding communities, and at the same time offer local residents to advertise services and products.

Theopemptou also suggests that these service centres should be equipped with alternative fuel charging points for electrical and gas-powered vehicles.

The new road should also ensure that the bus service from Polis to Paphos services the local villages with the creation of relevant bus stops and free parking for bus users.

Innovative design

Amongst the suggestions tabled by Theopemptou is the tarring of the road with low-noise road surfaces, noise barriers and the route and construction of the road to minimise noise pollution.

“A road passing through nature is a huge threat to wild animals,” said Theopemptou urging for the creation of overpasses and underpasses at strategic spots to allow animals to pass from one side of the road to the other.

“The cost, especially for underpasses is not at all prohibitive,” argued Theopemptou.

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