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Move over cheddar… Brits see Halloumi as new staple

Move over baked beans, corn flakes, butter and blocks of cheddar… today it’s Halloumi that’s becoming a UK staple, according to Waitrose.

The British supermarket giant lists Cyprus’ iconic squeaky cheese as one of the main foods consumed by Britain’s public, with the island’s dairy delicacy having just been included in Waitrose’s 2017 “essential” line-up.

The short list of food-stuffs offered at discounted prices by the supermarket chain has, since 2009, been thought to reflect nutritional trends and preferences in the UK.

A Waitrose announcement noted: “Growing in line with food trends and responding to consumer demand, products as varied as artichoke hearts, coconut milk and tortelloni are now branded ‘essential'”.

All are among a group of 300 items that have been added to the cut price ‘essential Waitrose’ brand, aimed at helping middle-income family food budgets go further.

“Our changing tastes have in part been shaped by cuisines which have become popular since the essential range was launched, with Mexican, Middle Eastern and Greek foods now firmly in the mainstream,” added the supermarket chain.

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