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Most Cyprus lorries and buses fail traffic standards

Major traffic police inspections have unveiled that most of the buses and lorries in Cyprus are in violation of traffic regulations

According to the latest figures, one in three lorries that were stopped for inspections were cited for various violations while the situation was more dire for buses which found most of them to have violated a traffic law in one shape or form.

The major campaign between July 24 and 30 in Cyprus was part of a wider European initiative by the European Traffic Police Network (TISPOL).

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A total of 776 heavy vehicles were inspected out of which 305 were cited. A total of 104 inspections were made on buses during which 84 were cited for various violations while 672 lorries were inspected out of which 222 were cited for various violations.

The various violations included inadequate tyres, lights and odometers while some licenses and permits had expired or had not been issued.

Several lorries were also seized by police because due to various mechanic failings.

TISPOL is committed to reducing death, serious injury and crime on Europe’s roads. Its activities are guided by research, intelligence, information and experience, to produce measurable results that contribute to reducing casualties and making roads safer.

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