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More than 400 parking spaces added at Larnaca Airport

More than 400 new parking spaces have been added at the Larnaca Airport in order to cover the large demand amid record flight numbers and passenger traffic at Cyprus airports.
According to an Hermes Airports announcement, the addition is to better serve the public.
The 400 plus parking spaces are located to the left of the road leading to arrivals and departures at the airport.

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  1. Where? I was there earlier this week and had to drive in circles until my son arrived. Customer parking was full and clised. I did note however that the employee lot was only half full and the taxi lot as well. This was understandable for the taxi lot as the taxis were parked bumper to bumper at arrivals, leaving no place to pull over for a passenger puck-up. When my son called me and told me he was outside wnd I actually pulled over a taxi driver yelled at me that it was their space and some man in a yellow police vest became aggressive demanding to know what flight my son was on until I actually pointed my son out struggling to get himself snd his luggage between the taxis. Welome to Cyprus!