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Moments of horror on board an Athens -Philadelphia flight

Passengers on board an American Airlines flight from Athens to Philadelphia were in for a fright as the plane encountered severe turbulence just before the landing procedure begun. During the turbulence 10 people were injured.

Flight 759, carrying 287 passengers, encountered severe turbulence shortly before landing in Philadelphia on Saturday. Reportedly three passengers and seven crew members were taken to the hospital.

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American Airlines announced that throughout the turbulence the ‘fasten seatbelt’ signs had been lit up to warn passengers to be seated with their seatbelt fastened. Jessica Husman, a passenger on the plane, posted to Twitter that there was no such warning.

“The turbulence in the flight was so violent and unexpected that a crew member dislocated his shoulder,” she pointed out in one of her posts.

Ian Smith, another flight passenger who spoke about the incident, said: “At the moment we were being served coffees and refreshments. The flight attendants were in the last row of seats when the pilot told us to tie our belts and told the flight attendants to take their seats”.

He said that the flight attendants did not have time to sit as the aircraft began to shake and suddenly made a great “dive”. “Babies were screaming, people in front of me were banging their heads on the ceiling” said Smith.

Eventually, the 759 flight aircraft with 287 passengers and 12 crew members landed at 3:10 pm. (Local time) in Philadelphia.

An American Airlines announcement read: “The flight from Athens to Philadelphia suffered serious turbulence shortly before the aircraft landed in Philadelphia. The ‘fasten seatbelt’ sign was enabled. Three passengers and seven crew members were transferred to a hospital for further evaluation”.

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