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Met official dismisses Libya dust cloud fears

The Cyprus Meteorological Service has moved to wave away reports of a thick dust cloud on its way to the island from Libya.

Department official Matthaios Papadakis told the Cyprus Weekly/In-Cyprus.com that conditions “will be cloudy and there will be some light dust higher up but nothing to the extent of some media reports”.

Papadakis also said no rain was expected until Wednesday and Thursday and that these would be isolated showers.

“Temperatures on Monday and Tuesday will be around 20 °C inland and on the coasts, and 12 °C-13 °C in the mountains, all of which is very usual for this time of year,” he said.

The anticipated rain later on this week will top up Cyprus’ depleted water reserves.

According to the most recent figures available (March 17), local reservoirs and dams had reached 30.1% of their capacity, compared to 38.3% last year.

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