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Messy residents letting Nicosia down (PICTURES)

Cypriots are generally known to be very house-proud but piles of broken or unwanted household items among other waste often plague empty fields, even within residential areas.

Our photographer Stefanos Kouratzis captured the following images on Tuesday, while travelling through Nicosia and more specifically the neighbourhoods of Strovolos, Engomi, and Ayios Dhometios.


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  1. I live in Agios Dometios and can tell you thst the residents may be house proud but thats about all. Every empty lot is filled with rubbish even though the town has several designated clean up weeks throughout the year. Further, though Cypriots brag about how much ckeaner they are than anyone else, they are not. I have two neighbors who sweep their pavements and curbs and regularly dump it in front of an unoccupied house across the street from me.

  2. Hovhannes melemendjian

    Is there a depot by the local coucils for the people to take their rubbish to dump? There should be several skips one for wood another for green garden waste another foe metal objects and so on that way the citizen gets rid of his rubbish and the counsils can make some money out of the wastes. And the important thing is that the environment stays clean.